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Eddie Ostry -  "My best Polka memory was my time playing with Little Wally“.  To learn more about Eddie’s contributions to the Polka community, watch this video of a talk he recently gave at a CPA general membership meeting. You will really enjoy it.

Barb Vinez I remember we had Christmas Parties (for the kids) and one of them was at St. Josephat's and my son, Michael, was probably 2 yrs. old so I believe I probably joined in 1976 because he was born in 1975.  We (meaning Jean Wagner, Barb Haselow, me and a few others) did the cooking for this party and we had a ball in the kitchen at St. Josephat's, except when I burned my hand on the hot grease frying the chicken, but we never skipped a beat and everyone really enjoyed it.  I believe Mike Stevens played for this party and gifts for the kids were bought by Barb and Linda Pezo specifically for each kid.  I can remember Michael getting a fairly large plastic fire truck and he sat on it and rode it or Cindy or John pushed all around the hall. 

Robert Dvoroznak I favor the Slovenian style of Polkas. I worked with Lenny Zadell who played Polish style. He and I enjoyed many polka events together. I remember Wally’s Polka Chips and the Joe Beno Orchestra. They are part of our heritage. I enjoy the Polka Pirates and the Chardon Polka Band today. I can’t dance like I used to but I love to listen to Polka music. By the way, I wish new cars still had CD players, I miss listening to Polkas as I drive.

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